WHAT IF??.. — not (necessarily) an utopian dream

Ciprian Ciurdea
5 min readMar 24, 2020

Clearly, We are living rough times. A global pandemic spreading like crazy, entire countries in lock-down or quarantine, economies on the edge of collapsing under their own weight due to mismanagement and bad monetary policies (because ..hey!..its always a great idea to pay a debt by making a new one).

The good news is that, at one point, this too shall pass, it can take months or even years, we will see. Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of resetting itself, cause, objectively, humans seem to be the planet’s worst virus, considering the global destruction we’ve caused in the last few decades.

What will come out of this nobody knows for sure, there will be many deaths but more deaths will be caused by the economies that will collapse, countries that will go bankrupt, jobless people that will starve, sick people that can’t afford medical treatment or won’t have access to it,

but WHAT IF :

* What if the savior of money will be Bitcoin? It was invented in times like this, for times like this, as a response to bad economics and bad money.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, Bitcoin just lost 50% of it’s value in a week’s time, but that’s just because it was, until now, a speculative asset in search for its purpose. NOW it has a purpose, it is as real as it gets. Also, during last week’s panic, everything collapsed, not just Bitcoin, everything. That’s what’s happening in moments of panic, this is what gold did in 2008, it dumped -30% and then rallied to all time high, 150% rise, in the years after.

*What if Ethereum and it’s DeFi(Decentralized Finance) will replace the legacy financial systems? Now (in the months/years to come) is the best time to do it, as the current system is being shaken from the grounds and the house of cards will eventually collapse, if not in full, at least partial.

The clear trend of governments is to move to a digital economy and digital currencies (We kinda already have digital money, cause less and less cash is being used). But for the past 10 years, We already have a digital kind of “better” money, and that is Bitcoin. It grew organically out of obscurity to a size that it can’t be ignored.

Its properties makes it the best money ever invented:

  • - It is limited in supply — makes it scarce and prone to rise in value as more and more people are using it
  • Decentralized — there is no central authority issuing it or controlling it
  • Non sovereign — does not belong to a country and it is available world wide
  • Very secure with no central point of failure — it has stood the test of time, being attacked countless times to no avail
  • Permissionless — you don’t have to rely on a third party for a transaction to happen or be verified
  • Trustless — you don’t need to trust the other party you are dealing with, the network automatically removes bad actors
  • Immutable — transactions cannot be reverted(as banks do sometimes)
  • Somewhat Private(has an acceptable level of privacy) but also transparent (as every transaction is recorded and can be seen on the blockchain)
  • Has a high portability — you can carry any kind of amount with you(from pennies to billions) on a stick, phone or piece of paper without anyone knowing it
  • Unseizable — nobody can block your funds or seize your funds (unless you are being charged with criminal activities and authorities find your bitcoin wallets and takes possession of your private keys, but that just means you did not guard it well)

At present Bitcoin is being stress tested by the market and by all other participants in this network. Is it 100% sure to survive this stress test? NO it isn’t, but nothing in life is sure, except for death.

Indeed I find it as being the make it or break it moment, it will either go to 0(zero) and disappear and will remain in the history books as an utopian libertarian dream of having peer to peer, censorship resistant, immutable, trustless, non sovereign and non inflationary money , or it will become the safe heaven of the world, and a new type of economic model that will radically change our lives.

*WHAT IF all stated above will become true? Would you risk not being part of the most fundamental change of mankind you will ever live? Would you risk missing out on the biggest opportunity of your life time? I am not. For me this cost is unbearable. I have the chance to be among THE 1%, everyone does.

The risk to reward ratio is totally unbalanced. If someone buys 1000$ worth of BTC today, yes, they can loose 1000$ (I’m sure that’s not life changing money), but if Bitcoin succeeds, that 1000$ will be worth a car, an apartment, maybe an entire building, cause you won’t be able to price it in dollars as FIAT will collapse.

Now is the time to prepare and act. Now is the time to learn about money and economics. After this global challenge, the strong will not only survive, but thrive. You can be among the strong, but you have to prepared.

Now you have the time to inform yourself, to research and learn. Don’t blindly take random advice. Not from me or anyone else. The odds are 50–50, you can win or loose, but always try to WIN BIG and loose small. Form your own opinions and draw your own conclusions.

NEVER EVER invest more than you can afford to loose in anything, no matter how tempting and shinning it may appear.

The world is constantly changing, old systems are being replaced by new and better ones. You can be part of that change. It is your duty and responsibility towards yourself, your family and children.

Be wise, save a few hundreds of dollars into Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s a small bet that could have an enormous outcome in the years to come. I am doing it, are you?

Remember : WHAT IF?….



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